A Brief History of Chuakoma

Frances’ notes from session #1 – will edit/format later:

Begno – island on which Tia Dalma lives
Tialoc – storm god (“supreme god of rains / lord of water”)
Chuakoma – the country we are in
earthquakes and volcanoes (left ~18 million people, after the war)
Cult of Tialoc – not a very popular god (CE)
day of slaughter in a city that is now ashes
Cult was able to take over Chuakoma
Beyond the mountains, there are other countries (think California topography)
Tialoc wanted to go west, into the ocean, rather than east across the mountains

Formerly, a good monarchy ruled Chuakoma – the king/queen are now dead

Elhuactotl – Tialoc tells him of an artifact that can bind a god; required 5 “pieces of 8” (spheres)
Other heads of the cult:
- Huaca
- Chiqui
- Mako
- Hashkii
Together they crushed the party/celebration of Calypso and bound her
This caused a tornado/maelstrom/whirlpool – the skies and ocean “fought”

This storm spread across the region – sunny skies have not come back since then, and there are constant storms

Tia Dalma appears on Begno, delivered from the sea in human form
The cult knows that she will be somewhere in the world, as a human

Velas – Lantern King
Gets an arm of fey and leads them against Tialoc and his army of storm demons
Velas was defeated, and is now imprisoned, but still has some powers

A Brief History of Chuakoma

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