Monkey Jack

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Monkey Jack tabtab CR 1/4

N Tiny animal (“native outsider”)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +2 size)
hp 5 (1/2 of master’s)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3


Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee bite +4 (1d3-4/x2; B/P/S) or unarmed strike +4 (1 nonlethal/x2; B)
Ranged blowgun -4 (1d2/x2; P; 20 ft.)
Space 2 1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks none
Spell-Like Abilities
** Constant—blur (CL 1st)


Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 5
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 6 (4 flat-footed)
Feats Weapon Finesse?

Skills Acrobatics +10, Climb +10, Escape Artist +2, Fly +6, Intimidate -3, Perception +5, Sense Motive +1, Stealth +10, Survival +1, Swim +2

Racial Modifiers +8 Acrobatics

Languages none

SQ empathic link, improved evasion, low-light vision, share spells, spirit animal (bones)

Combat Gear none; Other Gear carries handy haversack


Alertness (Ex) While Monkey Jack is within arm’s reach, his master gains the Alertness feat.

Animal Tricks attack, come, down, fetch, seek, work

Deliver Touch Spells (Su) When Tia Dalma is 3rd level or higher, Monkey Jack can deliver touch spells or hexes for her. If Tia Dalma and Jack are in contact at the time she casts a touch spell, she can designate Jack as the “toucher.” Jack can then deliver the touch spell just as the Tia Dalma would. If she casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates. If she activates a hex, Jack can be used to make the touch; she doesn’t have to be in contact with Jack to use this ability with hexes.

Empathic Link (Su) Tia Dalma and Monkey jack have an empathic link up to a distance of 1 mile. Tia Dalma can communicate empathically with Jack, but cannot see through his eyes. Only general emotions can be shared. The master has the same connection to an item or place that the familiar does.

Familiar Monkey Jack’s master gains a +3 bonus on Acrobatics checks while he is within 1 mile.

Improved Evasion (Ex) When subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex save for half damage, Monkey Jack takes no damage on a successful save and half damage even if the save fails.

Low-Light Vision (Ex) Monkey Jack can see twice as far as normal in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of dim light; he can see outdoors on a moonlit night as well as he can during the day. He is able to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Share Spells Tia Dalma may cast a spell with a target of “You” on Monkey Jack (as a touch spell) instead of on herself. She may do this even if the spell does not normally affect creatures of the familiar’s type.

Small Animal Monkey Jack uses his Dex modifier on Climb and Swim checks.

Spirit Animal: Bones (Ex) Monkey Jack at times gives off a ghostly glow and seems nearly transparent. He is under the constant effects of blur, with a caster level equal to Tia Dalma’s shaman level. This effect grants the Monkey Jack concealment (20% miss chance on a successful attack). A see invisibility spell does not counteract the blur effect, but a true seeing spell does.

Spirit Animal A spirit animal is a creature chosen by a shaman to serve as a conduit, allowing her to more fully access the magic of her spirit on a daily basis. The shaman’s spirit animal also grants her special powers. This ability uses the same rules as the wizard’s arcane bond class feature and is treated as a familiar, except as noted below. A shaman uses her level as her effective wizard level when determining the abilities of her spirit animal. Although a shaman’s spirit animal uses the statistics of a specific animal, it is treated as an outsider with the native subtype for the purposes of spells and abilities that affect it. … The shaman’s spirit animal is treated as a familiar for the purposes of all spells, effects, and abilities that affect familiars. If a spirit animal is lost or dies, it can be replaced after 24 hours through a special ritual that consumes material components worth 500 gp per shaman level. The ritual takes 8 hours to complete. The new spirit animal must be of the same sort of creature as the previous one.


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Monkey Jack has had some rollicking adventures in his short simian life. There may be more to him than meets the eye…

Monkey Jack

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